Hi, I'm Adam

Freelance Illustrator

About me

I am an illustrator based in the UK and work for clients from around the world.

My Mission

The primary intention for my illustrations is to inspire spiritual qualities such as joy, peace, beauty, love, compassion, oneness, etc. for children and adults with an open heart.


Incorporating diversity in my illustrations is fundamental to my work.


The goal of my work is to provide you, my client, with illustrations that reflect these qualities, so that they offer something positive to the world.

My work primarily focuses on creating children’s illustrations for books, prints, merchandise and advertising.

Working together

The centre of my work ethic is to provide a service that works best for you, my client. We both are working to achieve the same goal – the success of your project – so I feel that we are on the same team. Should you provide any editorial/art director notes I give them a lot of thought and will sometimes like to discuss these with you, perhaps for clarification or to explain my thinking in how the illustrations might work.

I pay close attention to your schedule and understand there can be many people that must be coordinated who work on the project. I deliver when we’ve agreed I’m going to deliver and always with the highest quality work.

Throughout my working life I have sought to ensure a happy relationship with my colleagues and clients. I understand that what we are trying to achieve is a big commitment for both of us, so it is important to me that we feel free to talk to each other, to ask questions and respond etc. to ensure the very best outcomes.

As many children do, I loved to draw and create. My sisters and I were creative and musical from an early age. I made collages with foil milk bottle tops and I loved comics. At age 11, I wrote to Marvel Comics to ask for a job. I was thrilled when they wrote back to me, on colourful headed letter paper, to politely decline my application – wow, a letter from Marvel!


From childhood I always strongly felt that there is a deeper meaning to the world and in my late teens I became a student of spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy, which I will remain for life. He teaches the value of gratitude, sincerity, inner peace and joy, wisdom, oneness, remaining in a childlike consciousness and many other spiritual qualities. This informs everything I do and is the foundation for my artwork.

Sri Chinmoy was once asked “From the spiritual point of view, what is an artist?”. He answered:

“From the spiritual point of view, an artist is a creator who inspires mankind to lead an aesthetic life, a life of inner and outer beauty, a life of harmony and a life of perfection. He creates and the world gets inspiration and aspiration from his creation.”

This is what I seek to achieve in my illustration work.


My love of art continued through my teens but early adulthood saw me become distracted in other fields. In my early 20s I moved to New Zealand and lived for my sport of rowing, achieving a high level, and only working part time to ensure I could fit in my training.

On returning to the UK I studied clinical nutrition at university and for the next decade I worked in clinical healthcare, associated teaching, lecturing and course creation within health education.

I have also taught at a further education college and am a qualified cycling instructor, teaching primary school children how to cycle safely. 

But here I am now – working as an illustrator, doing what I love and sincerely trying to use it to pass on good things to the world.

If you’re looking for the nut loaf recipe, it’s here.


You can find me at




07756 480 206

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